proper use of social media

1. mental break for all employees It is important for employees to have an occasional mental break from works. Allowing employees to use social media simplifies these breaks. Workers can now take a break when and wherever they choose rather than going to the break room to the read the paper or interrupting another employee’s work to talk to them.
2. enables employees to get the professional connections Through social media sites, your employees can strengthen professional relationships with people outside the company. Then, these relationships can lead to opportunities that would otherwise not have been available. More and better connections may result in sales leads, interest in employment, business opportunities, and new ideas. LinkedIn is specifically geared towards these types of connections and has a plethora of obvious business uses.
3. social media may supply the answers for employees when dealing with a difficult work problem Social media can help employees when dealing with a …

Perfect Minutes

what are the common mistakes to avoid when taking minutes in a meeting? 1. Missing quorum data in the meeting minutes 2. Vague issue description and resolution in the meeting minutes 3. Missing attendance records in the meeting minutes 4. Inaccurate or incomplete votes in the meeting minutes
5. Incorrect supermajority votes in the meeting minutes
6. Not recording executive session in the meeting minutes 7. Failure to include meeting minutes with the corporate record

Why accurate minute taking is important?
1. Minutes are important details that you can’t ignore if you want to keep your business in line with state laws, and to back up your tax returns. Minutes represent the actions of the board and company leadership, and are considered legal documents by auditors, the Internal Revenue Service, and the courts. Legal experts will maintain that if an action isn’t in the minutes, it didn’t happen
2. The meeting minutes can provide structure, so the minute taker should sufficiently describe how board…

solutions for Top five annoyances customers of IT industry

1. Customers who do not know much about professional knowledge of IT industry Generally, it's a bit hard to describe an IT issue very clearly for a customer who are without too much IT professional knowledge. Also, they are unable to understand the solutions what the IT specialists provide. 
Solution: customers are much more likely to work to achieve goals when they are easy to understand. Therefore, providing advises with plain language as much as possible or giving the instructions directly can be solutions.

2. Customers have internal disagreement in different departments of a company Customers in different departments of a company tend to just consider their own benefit so that they usually have different opinions and requirements. 
Solution: IT specialists can suggest that customers should try to get the unified opinions firstly.

3. Customers who are lazy to understand the suggestion The companies' project managers sometimes are not satisfied with the solutions what an IT…